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Let's walk together...

If you’ve been pondering your readiness to take the next steps on your healing journey, you’re in the right place.


You are welcome, celebrated, and safe here.


Individual Therapy


Jeanmarie joins her clients, working as a team to find ways to help cope and flow with the ups and downs of life.  She empowers clients through building the courage to explore their authentic self to feel more comfortable and peaceful in life. Ultimately, they will reconnect to their truth and the person that resides within so that the best relationship possible with the world can be achieved.   


Jeanmarie’s work focuses on trauma, addiction, anxiety, personality disorders, gender identity, sexuality, relationship dynamics, life transitions, queer & single-parent-by-choice fertility, emotional regulation, and self-esteem. Jeanmarie specializes in working with LGBTQ+, trans/GNC, kink/BDSM, poly/CNM, and sex work communities.

Relationship Therapy


Jeanmarie operates from the belief that every relationship/dynamic is unique therefore requires highly personalized approaches.  She works in collaboration with the individuals in the relationship to understand their unique dynamics, to create the space where their goals can be achieved.

Family Therapy


Jeanmarie incorporates components of family therapy while working with individuals and relationships.  She does not specialize in family therapy.

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