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It's Time To Evolve...

Congratulations on completing your MSW! Next stop, licensure.

If you’re looking for a clinical supervisor who will challenge and encourage you to transform into the clinician you were meant to be, you’re in the right place.


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Clinical Social Work Supervision


It is time to find a qualified supervisor who is knowledgeable and can support your goals.

Selecting a supervisor you feel connected to will help you to feel supported, prepared, and confident as you pursue your clinical career and your goals as an LCSW. Receiving supervision will equip you and help you further discover what areas of social work you are truly passionate about and who your ideal clients are.

Clinical supervision is a 1-hour per week commitment for a minimum of 2-years.

Sessions are currently conducted virtually, in accordance with ASWB requirements and guidelines.

If you're curious what it might be like to have Jeanmarie as a Clinical Supervisor, please feel free to read testimonials from some of her recent interns:

"Having Jeanmarie as a clinical supervisor during my two years of postgraduate supervision was truly an honor. She created a space in which I was supported, challenged, pushed toward growth, and truly able to develop my clinical skills. Jeanmarie remained consistently available to review cases, discuss ethics, challenge my thinking, push me to dive deeper, celebrate my wins, and explore my misses. I’m forever grateful for these past few years of wisdom that I’ve been privileged to glean with Jeanmarie.  If your goal is to reach toward your full potential as a clinician, she’s the supervisor for you."

-Gabrielle P, LCSW

"Jeanmarie served as my Clinical Supervisor while I was in my MSW program. I am forever grateful that I was fortunate to have had her as my supervisor. I have been in practice for over 5 years now, and I utilize techniques and approaches that I learned from her till this day. She really taught me how to treat each client the same by treating them differently and meeting them where they are. Through my years of training and education, I can honestly unequivocally say that the time I spent with her has been the most valuable and fruitful for my career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker."

-Matthew S, MSW, LCSW

"During one of the most difficult phases of my career, I had Jeanmarie as my supervisor. She is not only an incredible person, but a phenomenal clinician. Her knowledge, skills, and guidance helped to challenge and empower me in both my personal and professional life. It has been almost 6 years and I still reflect back on our conversations when I feel stuck. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a clinical supervisor, as you will finish being a better person overall having worked with her." 

-Samantha D, LCSW

"Jeanmarie is the most inspiring, honest, creative-thinking LCSW and clinical supervisor. Her authentic words have helped guide me through tough cases, ethical dilemmas, navigating work-life balance, and setting boundaries within my own social work practice. I truly feel as though the clinical skills Jeanmarie has taught and practiced with me played a huge part in my promotion to a Clinical Supervisor at my job. Jeanmarie’s positive energy is contagious and essential to this field. I feel honored to be working with Jeanmarie on my journey to licensure!"

-Ashley R, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

"As my Clinical Supervisor Jeanmarie not only supported my learning and skill development, she also encouraged and guided the application of the skills and theories into practice.  She seamlessly connected knowledge to practice while encouraging my growth professionally and personally. Jeanmarie carries much professional and personal experience. She is well-respected and contributes greatly to the professional community. She is committed to serving and advocating for all members of our community as well as to the development of future social workers. I am grateful Jeanmarie remains my mentor and active in my support system."

Tiffany H, Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

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